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Porter Designs Partners with Earthworm Foundation to Support Sustainability

PORTLAND, OR - June 1, 2021 Globally sourced lifestyle furniture supplier Porter Designs is pleased to announce their partnership with Earthworm Foundation to promote sustainability in the furniture industry. In 2021, Porter Designs has planted 10,000 tree saplings in Haryana, India.

“We are excited to be a part of Earthworm’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions on the planet. India is an integral part of our business and we are committed to supporting local farming communities to decrease global warming,” says owner Julie Grant.

Climate change is having an adverse effect on the people of India and its economy. At the forefront of these risks are farmers whose crop yields will decline by 15 to 17 percent for every 2 degrees centigrade increase in temperature. Earthworm’s “Change the Climate” campaign is adding to India’s forest cover and helping farmers restore biodiversity on farms. Besides lowering carbon emissions, Earthworm’s initiative also provides local employment opportunities.

About Earthworm:

Earthworm Foundation is a non-profit organization with 20-years of experience creating conditions for people and nature to thrive. Working with companies, they find solutions to environmental and social challenges within value chains to transform the way everyday products are produced with sustainable solutions that benefit the planet.

About Porter Designs:

Big or small, Porter is focused on meeting the needs of all sized retailers. By providing a variety of affordable styles; from designer trends to promotional price points, Porter appeals to a broad retail demographic. The company’s headquarters is based in Portland, Oregon with warehouses in Oregon and North Carolina.

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